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Fran Carlos Ortuño Arozarena

They have treated me great in Ortopedia, Cristian is very kind and has taught me a lot of things. Every time I go there, he explains his work to me. He does his best so that I am better. I have played football again with my friends and I have also rode a bike!

foto ursula cordoba

Úrsula Córdoba Asencio

I am a woman with a bilateral amputation due to vascular complications. After a solitary struggle to be able to walk and having tried many prosthetists that haven’t solved my case, I have finally found a professional prosthestist, who is above all, honest and humane, and who is unselfishly solving my problem. Thanks a lot, Cristian!

Raúl Ribelles Ruiz

After a long time going to orthopaedic centres, Cristian was recommended to me. From him, I have not only got the excellent treatment of a professional in prosthetics, but I have also restored my joy and motivation to keep on overcoming difficulties day by day.

María Teresa Pérez Coloma

Thanks a lot for the treatment and the wonderful work that you have done with me and that you keep on doing with many patients every day. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results!

José Cortés Rosique

After the accident I got really discouraged, but thanks to the great work of ORTOPEDIA TRAM_HOSPITAL, I have got my self-confidence back and also the strength to keep on moving forward.

foto cornel

Cornel Dutulescu

Truthfully, I would like to send a big hug and thank the guys at ORTOPEDIA TRAM_HOSPITAL for the treatment I got and for giving me back the chance to walk in such a short period of time.