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Ottobock 1A1-2 EMPOWER Foot

Empower is a prosthetic foot for users with high daily indoor and outdoor activity, who are looking to walk longer distances, descend slopes and climb stairs in a stable manner, and walk faster in the most comfortable way.

Benefits of the 1A1-2 EMPOWER foot

Empower simulates the function of muscles and tendons. What does that mean? It means you can perform your everyday activities, indoors and outdoors, in the most effective way, and walk further and faster. It’s called freedom.

More distance

Designed for longer distances at higher speeds, the Empower provides the right energy support to get your toes off your feet and move forward.

Less load

Unloads the seated residual limb and improves the gait pattern, thus reducing the load on the joints to prevent lower back and knee pain.

For everyday use

This prosthetic foot adapts to the slope of the terrain and provides the energy needed to go up and down slopes and stairs comfortably.

100% reliable

The orthopedic technician will adapt this prosthetic foot to your needs, the advantages of which have been certified through various clinical studies.

Product features

Product type
Microprocessor controlled feet with dynamic ankle rotation
Mobility grade
3, 4
Maximum body weight
130 kg
Amputation height
Transfemoral Amputation, Transtibial Amputation

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