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Össur Rheo Knee

The Rheo Knee bionic knee has been designed to offer a motion solution for transfemoral amputations. Controlled by an advanced microprocessor, it allows a natural, fluid and effortless gait on any type of terrain.

Benefits of the ÖSSUR RHEO KNEE

Do not worry about climbing stairs, walking on slopes, walking fast, backwards, with short steps or on wet terrain. Bet on stability and resistance, increase your performance and benefit from a knee without lag effect.

Latest technology

Its microprocessor learns your movements and facilitates smooth and safe movement, even on stairs, sloping terrain or in confined spaces.

At your pace

Magnetorheological technology ensures balance and stability. You can move at your own pace, take short steps or backwards, and adapt its functions to your needs.

No limits

With the Össur Logic application, you can practice your movements and improve your gait to increase your confidence by monitoring your progress.

More advantages

The bionic knee simulates the function of a physiological knee. It is durable and easy to adjust, with excellent response to changes in direction and speed.

Product features

Limb difference level
Knee and transfemoral disarticulation
Max. patient weight
136 kg (200 lbs)
Level of impact
Low and Moderate

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