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Össur Balance Knee OFM1

Balance Knee OFM1 is a mechanical polycentric prosthetic knee joint. Its advanced technology makes it especially suitable for new users, people with reduced mobility or those who need extra security.

Benefits of the BALANCE KNEE

If you are looking for security, this knee prosthesis will not disappoint you. You can lock it whenever you want, for example, when you are standing, which will help you in your first exercises. Customize it according to your tastes or needs!

Extra safety

Balance Knee OFM1 can be locked when the user is standing, which provides extra safety in support and when starting to walk.


With this knee joint, the user can adapt the flexion and extension ratio himself/herself, depending on his/her progress or comfort.

Advanced design

Designed with increased ground clearance, it is perfect for people looking for greater balance and a safer, more stable gait.

More maneuverable

In order to offer an unbeatable user experience, Balance Knee OFM1 offers a quick and easy modification of the socket connector.

Product features

Limb difference level
Knee and transfemoral disarticulation
Max. patient weight
300 lbs (136 kg)
Level of impact

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