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Össur Total Knee Junior

The Total Knee Junior is a polycentric knee with geometric locking system, which offers young users the security to walk in a fluid and natural way, and comfortably perform any movement in their day to day.

Benefits of the TOTAL KNEE JUNIOR

Children do not stand still. With them in mind, this polycentric knee brace offers not only safety, versatility and stability, but also a fun design and, above all, the opportunity to keep doing everything a child loves to do.

At full speed

With the Total Knee Junior, the youngest users can walk, run, kneel, sit or squat, with no limits to their pace of life.

More fun

Its design, with a simple and colorful finish, has a different and more attractive aesthetic, designed for a younger user profile.

Very flexible

Total Knee Junior offers up to 160 degrees of knee flexion and adjustable support flexion. An all-terrain solution for the little ones.

Full adaptation

Adjustable extension, 22 mm pylon adjustability, low mounting height, and a slim profile make it comfortable and effective.

Product features

Limb difference level
Hip Disarticulation, Knee Disarticulation and Transfemoral
Max. patient weight
100 lbs (45 kg)
Level of impact
Extreme, High, Low and Moderate

Contact us and try the Össur TOTAL KNEE JUNIOR Prosthesis.

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