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Ottobock 1B1-2 MERIDIUM Foot

Meridium is a prosthetic foot designed for users with a moderate level of activity who are looking for a model with intuitive adaptation, which allows natural movement on any terrain without feeling of effort and a comfortable change of footwear.

Benefits of the 1B1-2 MERIDIUM foot 

Descend stairs, walk forward and backward on slopes or over uneven terrain, stand stably or sit comfortably. Put on your shoes easily and adjust your foot with your cell phone. Need any more reasons?

100% stable

Allows you to rest your whole foot on the step when walking down stairs and stand stably, adapting in real time to all types of terrain.

An ally

When the user is seated, the prosthetic foot lowers to the ground, adopting a more natural position and helping to relieve the residual limb.

More comfortable

Its adaptability makes it possible to walk uphill or downhill and on any terrain effortlessly, and to change shoes quickly and easily.

For you

This prosthetic foot makes the difference for the success of orthoprosthetic treatment and offers easy control via the user’s cell phone.

Product features

Product type
Microprocessor controlled feet with dynamic ankle rotation
Mobility grade
2 + 3
Maximum body weight
125 kg
Amputation height
Transfemoral amputation, Knee disarticulation, Transtibial amputation

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